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Royal system


Background, a web3 marketplace, lacked a unified design system. This resulted in inconsistencies across the platform, hindering user experience and creating inefficiencies for both designers and developers. As Head of Design, I recognized the need for a comprehensive design system to establish a strong visual identity, streamline workflows, and ensure a user-friendly experience for the web3 marketplace.

The process

The design system encompassed various elements:

  • Foundations: Color palettes, typography, grids, and spacing were established to create a cohesive visual framework.
  • Components: Reusable buttons, forms, navigation elements, and other interactive components were designed for optimal usability.
  • Illustrations and Icons: Custom illustrations and icons were crafted to enhance visual clarity and user-friendliness.
  • Micro-interactions: Subtle animations and transitions were incorporated to improve user engagement and provide feedback.

Close collaboration with engineers ensured the design system's efficient implementation and maintainability. Scalability was a key consideration, allowing the system to adapt to future product iterations and growth.

A Crucial Shift

Prior to the design system, the design approach at had been fairly reactive. This new system functioned as a catalyst, forcing a focus on a holistic design approach for the entire product rather than individual components. This shift in perspective ensured consistency and a more cohesive user experience.

The court
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The design system for became integral to launching and maintaining the marketplace. It not only fostered brand consistency and streamlined workflows, but also played a crucial role in shifting the design approach towards a holistic vision for the product. This comprehensive system not only improved user experience but also positioned the platform for future growth and success.

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