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Identifying a clear path for IGTV in a video landscape dominated by YouTube was a key challenge. As the lead product designer, I recognized the potential in the organic trend of user-generated episodic content. Creators were already experimenting with thematically linked videos, and fans were responding positively. However, the lack of a dedicated series feature limited the potential of this approach.

The process

As the lead product designer for this initiative, I spearheaded the development of Series. This feature addressed a key challenge:

  • Creators needed a way to tie their thematic content together and build a following on IGTV;
  • And, viewers needed a reason to visit the platform beyond simply following creators

The IGTV Series feature allowed creators to group related videos, fostering a narrative flow and a more consistent viewing experience for fans. The feature launched globally in October 2019, alongside a test editorial shelf (exclusive to the US) that I designed to promote featured content.

The results were promising. Episodic content garnered double the views compared to regular videos, and episodic content accounted for 6% of total watch time.

These metrics were encouraging, but even more valuable were the lessons learned. Partnering with public figures like Billie Eilish for exclusive behind-the-scenes content, generated significant interest. We also discovered that tastemakers like John Mayer, who leveraged IGTV for talk shows, resonated strongly with viewers. Finally, the commitment required for a series encouraged creators to develop higher-quality, thematic content, further differentiating IGTV from other platforms.

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Designed under my leadership, Series succeeded in establishing IGTV as a platform for serialized storytelling, separate from the offerings of competitors. While audience perception was still evolving, the initial results were a strong indicator of the potential for IGTV series to solidify the platform as a destination for unique, in-depth content.

Ultimately, this project represents a significant step forward in defining IGTV's unique value proposition.

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